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Auto for non-resident

Auto for non-residents of Ukraine is much cheaper to buy abroad because the Ukrainian government to support national car industry "Tauride" and "Daewoo" in 1998, he imposed a foreign car import duty of 15-25%. As a result, Ukraine has become the country with the most expensive prices for cars in Eastern Europe. Later in 2008 the import to Ukraine of cars older than eight years allowed, only levied excise duty, figures which sometimes exceed the cost of the car.

Non-resident can not auto customs clearance according to Article 380 of the Customs Code of Ukraine temporary importation of citizens- non-residents on the territory of Ukraine vehicles for personal use is permitted for up to one year.

That is, once a year, you just need to go to any border and enter.

EVROAVTO company provides assistance in the design and making each car for non-residents. The following interpretation of buying a car for non-residents:

1. Personal journey to Germany or the Czech Republic for the car.
• Help in choosing a car
• Assistance in the purchase and registration of cars

Price for renewal varies from 1000 € to 1200 €. The price includes admission to all licensing documents for the vehicle to a non-resident EU and renewal to you as in person and without it.

Auto issued to you on registration certificate, may also enter the data sheet or relatives of employees, that is, you will be guaranteed by the owner of such a vehicle.

If you want to save money and to drive a car by proxy leave on the old owner, the Polish company will help you in such a design, but note that in this case, the termination of the power of attorney will have to restructure it. And what will happen if the owner of the car will die or just swap contacts?
So, it is better in the car design non-resident all still follow the model car on car registration renewal.

2. making each car for non-resident is possible in any city of Ukraine.
• Confirm after providing photos and descriptions of a car from a place of acceptance in the purchase.
• By making each car for foreigners in Ukraine will ride near the border to carry out your prigonschika and enter Ukraine you.

Let's say you live in Odessa and booked a car from Germany which is located in Hamburg. In this case prigonschiku need to go to the city of Odessa, then take a flight to Hamburg, have a total of 2010km. in one direction. By purchasing a car in Hamburg prigonschiku need to travel to the Czech Republic in Prague in order to make a car for you (in Germany, a non-resident person at issue is much more problematic.) Bought car through customs on the Czech registration takes about a day on a weekday, such a procedure would cost up to 300 euros. Application process takes no more than two - three days. Further need to make a warrant from a non-resident (ie you) to prigonschika, what would he able to drive your car.
Since crossing the Ukrainian border at your haul will have ten days to go and what to give you a good car to owner is a foreigner in Ukraine is two and sometimes three times the price.

on summary estimates prigonschiku have to drive 4310km and spend waiting in the design of at least 5 days, so that the cost of such a service is specified in each case, depending on the distance to the location of your choice of vehicle and task.

Should be a need to register your car in the organs of the State Automobile Inspectorate Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is the case if you cross the border less than once every two months, the company EVROAVTO find partners for you in your town that will guide you for the registration of a vehicle in the SAI. For this will be enough applications from non-residents of Ukraine and the customs declaration completed when entering the territory of Ukraine, or received treatment for the internal customs.

The following services:

• Consultation on the registration of a vehicle imported under the temporary import to Ukraine registered in the EU and non-resident.
• Collection and assistance in registration of the vehicle in an alien MREO GAI
• Assistance with registration certificate and license plates for the vehicle is in temporary import

  At the conclusion of the traffic police check license plates and registration certificate of the vehicle imported under the temporary importation shall be deposited and processed documents right time resident operating a vehicle for one year.

It is important not to forget that your car can not be transferred to third parties for use without your presence. As it is impossible to take such a vehicle for demolition.

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